How do I create my own layout for content?

We include two pre-defined templates in our CMS - Horizontal [Landscape] & Vertical [Portrait] these display full screen video and/or images BUT we also include the option for you to create your own templates to include features such as combining images, videos and scrolling text (RSS or plain text) into one layout. 

1 of 4 Begin by accessing the "Program Management" section of the side menu. Next, click on "Template". You should now see two pre-developed Templates under the "System Template" tab.

If you only wish to have one video or image displayed at one time then these Templates are all you need. However if you wish to create different zones for different media, add scrolling text or RSS feeds, add a logo or add the time and date you must create your own Templates.

Note: You must have at least one video zone for the Template to function.

2 of 4 To create your own Template, begin by highlighting the User Template tab and then clicking the "New" button.

3 of 4 A New Template box will now appear. Give your Template a name and choose a resolution. If you are creating a portrait Template then select 1080x1920, if you are creating a landscape Template then select 1920x1080. If your screen is the 32 inch model you will have a resolution of 1366x768, therefore you must chose either 768x1366 (for a portrait Template) or 1366x768 (for a landscape Template). Once you have done this click OK.

Note: Video and image zones cannot overlap.

4 of 4 You will now see a Template design interface and can begin laying out the different zones for your media.

For full Template creation instructions please download the User Manual.