How do I rename my screen?

Being able to rename your screen can be particularly useful as your network is growing to ensure you can quickly identify which screen you are sending media to, simply follow these steps to get started.

1 of 4 Begin by accessing the Player Management section of the side menu. Next, click on Player. You will see a list of all of your screens.

2 of 4 Initially your screen(s) will have a default name; most likely it will be the serial number so as you know which screen you are renaming (your serial number is the 8 figure code that can be found on the sticker placed on the rear of your screen). You may want to rename your screen(s) for quicker reference, for example if you have a screen placed in a reception area you could rename this screen Reception. Begin by clicking on the name of the screen you want to rename.

3 of 4 Next, click Edit.

4 of 4 You can now rename your screen to something more appropriate, based on its location or size, something you will remember. Then click "OK".

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